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fixed 2008-11-02 apply latest newgem structure release_0_4_1
fixed 2008-11-01 use Cucumber to describe features release_0_4_2
fixed 2008-09-29 integrate coverage report into website release_0_4
fixed 2008-09-19 Change ambiguous class name TwoWaySQL::Result to TwoWaySQL::MergeResult release_0_4
2008-09-09 integrate RSpec report into website
2008-09-09 deal with trailing space of ELSE
fixed 2008-09-09 write docs for space compaction mode release_0_3
fixed 2008-09-08 remove preserve_eol flag release_0_3
fixed 2008-09-07 integrate ditz to 'push-button release' release_0_4
fixed 2008-09-06 case insensitive match for SQL reserved words release_0_2_1
fixed 2008-09-06 line number support on parse error release_0_4
fixed 2008-09-05 make Ruby1.9 ready release_0_2_1
fixed 2008-09-05 change idiom 'substitution' to 'interpolation' release_0_2_1
fixed 2008-09-05 Whitespace compaction mode release_0_3
fixed 2008-09-04 Handle Embedded variable comment at Scanner/Grammar level release_0_2_1
fixed 2008-09-04 integrate ditz html into site release_0_2_1
fixed 2008-09-04 RubyForge settings 0.2 release
fixed 2008-09-03 change line-based scanning to whole string based scanning release_0_3
fixed 2008-09-03 better whitespace handling release_0_3
fixed 2008-09-03 rdoc for published classes and methods 0.2 release
2008-09-03 'binding' object support
fixed 2008-09-03 preserve actual comment content release_0_3