integrate ditz to 'push-button release'

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integrate 'ditz release' and 'ditz changelog' into rake task


Id: 6daccddf089d11d42bf016897da98f70cf5ab46c
Type: task
Creation time: 2008-09-07 17:34 UTC
Creator: takuto <takuto.wada@...>
Release: release_0_4 (released 2008-09-29)
Component: twowaysql
Status: closed: fixed fixed

Issue log

2008-09-29 18:20 UTC takuto <takuto.wada@...> closed with disposition fixed
2008-09-29 18:13 UTC takuto <takuto.wada@...> changed status from unstarted to in_progress
2008-09-29 18:11 UTC takuto <takuto.wada@...> assigned to release release_0_4 from unassigned
2008-09-07 17:34 UTC takuto <takuto.wada@...> created